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Software Covers Designing

Learn how to create 3D software cover designs by yourself

Are you tired spending so much money and time on each software design you need?
We have the solution for you, Make it yourself! Let us show you how.

Do you think that designing software covers is only a professional's job? Find it the best solution to Software cover designing? Do you think there have no alternative options for it that cheaper?

If yes is your answer then, we are here to prove you wrong. We can teach you even if you don't have any idea in the field of designing, how to design your own software cover. We will provide you a better solution than professional designer design.
We have the alternate option, which will bring light on your pocket to a great extent.
To find out how, just keep reading.

View below examples for software cover designs made by the package we provide: Samples for Software Designs You Can Create With Our Product

The economy in today's world is in such state that saving each and every penny counts, and here we are talking about saving it in dollars and lot of them. Our working way is different in comparison to a other professional designers. What does they do? They just designs the Software Cover according to the specifications you provide them using various software's and tools for which you have to pay somewhere around $40 to as high as $100. But here, we do not design it for you; instead help you to be a designer yourself taking the help from the package we offer.

What exactly will you be getting with this package must be your question. You will get 10 unique Software cover layouts and ALL-THE-SOFTWARES PSD file.

These are the 10 software cover layouts that you will get: 10 Softwares Package

Each of the ten software design layouts will have individual PSD and JPEG files. Choose the layout that attracts you and work with the PSD of that layout. A bonus you get in this package as mentioned in the above picture is the presence of a particular PSD which contains all the layouts in a single PSD file. This will help you to work faster and in an easier way if you are interested in 1 design with all the software layouts. While editing this particular PSD, bringing any small change in one of the layers will affect all the other 10 software layouts as well. We strongly believe that the skill behind any organization is "the right person for the right job" in this case the right person is you (no one know better what should be on the cover).

Now let us tell you a bit about working with our layouts of software cover designing. The PSD files will open up in Photoshop. If you know a bit about the functions in Photoshop, it will be very simple for you; else we have a video below, which shows you step by step the techniques to design software cover with our layouts. Watch the video below where you will get to see precisely what the package has to offer and what kind of editing you can perform on the software layouts. Go ahead and watch the video now.

In this video you can see all about what you get in this software design package and how to use it

You must be asking yourself after watching the video whether designing these software covers is easy task or not. It's really easy to to design software cover by yourself. You require no experience in graphic designing nor do you have to be a computer expert.

let us tell you how much this wonderful package cost. We are offering all of these layouts for just $15
Believe it or not! just $15 . We are offering PSDS & JPGS format for all the 10 software layouts.

Order This Software Designs Package


We are offering as a bonus to this package ALL-THE-SOFTWARE PSD, ALL-THE-SOFTWARE is a PSD file that contains all the 10 software designs on just one PSD. With this file you will be able to edit all the 10 software designs at once. All you will need to do is to edit one of the files (as you can see on the video) and it will change all the 10 layouts.

What will you get in this package

  • All the software layouts come at size of 900px width and 900px height.
  • There are 10 different and unique software design layouts.
  • You will get PSD + JPEG formats for each one of the layouts.
  • ALL-THE-SOFTWARE - One PSD that will help you edit all the 10 software layouts in just few minutes.
  • You will get with this package a PDF tutorial that will show you step by step how this method works.
  • It is really easy to edit the software design, you can see that in the video above, and you can check it by yourself in the free software page where you can download one of the 10 software layouts for free.
  • If you will have any problems with our product we have 30 days money back policy.

If you go ahead and purchase our package, you should not be worried about being cheated by not offering what was promised. We are offering a 30 days money back plan for all our customers. Satisfaction is the key thing we focus on, and if we cannot accomplish that then we will give your money back. Just contact us if you are unpleased.

You can order the package, safe in the knowledge that if you don't like it, you will get your money back.

Money Back Guarantee
30-Days Money Back Guarantee

We are 100% sure that you will be satisfied with our product. But, if for some reason you're not totally thrilled with it, for whatever reason at all just contact us, on the "Contact" page and if we can't solve your problem, you will get a full refund.

A good software design is an essential tool to anyone. You will be able to learn quickly and to produce very impressive and beautiful results using our package, it will teach you step by step how easy is that to create a 3D software cover designs. You will be amazed by how much more exposure you will get by having a good design.
You are spending a sum of $40 to $100 for only one design, and sometimes it is even an unwanted design.
Now you can create all of your designs for just $15 .

Want to go ahead and purchase this Software Cover package? Click on the order button below to go ahead with the payment procedure. After you finish paying for the package, you can download the package from the download page, which we will provide and start working on your software cover design.

Design Ebook Cover Products Testimonials

Suhail Ajmal

"It's So Simple And Easy To Use!"

First off, I was amazed with the variety of ebook cover designs they are providing. These ebook layouts are exceptionally captivating plus they also offer PSD and JPEG formats for each one of them. All ten designs are completely different and unique in every aspect and look utterly interesting. Besides, I was totally impressed by the easy and convenient access of this package. With the help of PDF tutorial provided, I was able to design my own 3D ebook cover in just a few minutes. Wow this is simply fabulous!
The PDF tutorial gave me easy to follow step by step instructions for creating my own design and you won't believe within 5 minutes I was ready with my work. This is so unbelievable. I'm sure, it'll also be an extremely beneficial package for you due its user-friendliness. I've no experience in Photoshop but I was able to edit the ebooks as I wanted. I couldn't ask more in such an affordable price; the features are truly worthwhile. I truly recommend this to novices and professionals alike.

10 Software Cover Designs Package
Jonathan Chase

"Saved Me A Lot Of Money"

I just have to tell you, I love those covers. I've been writing and giving away free reports as a way of selling new info products for years now, and the one problem I always face is, coming up with professionally designed covers. Using a professional cost a lot so and it's hard to afford one. I have used many ebook cover creators over the years and they don't touch yours. Every cover I've created using your ebook package looks awesome!
I was able to save a lot of money and time using your product I am not photoshop expert but it was only few simple steps i had to do to get my ebook cover design ready to use. It was only because of a compliment that I recently got on my latest product that spurred me to tell you how much I love your site. Thanks for the exceptional service.

10 Software Cover Designs Package
Richa Parasrmpria

"Very Professional Product"

I had no experience with graphic designing at all, and was not willing to pay the professional designers their exorbitant fees, so I purchased this all-in-one package thinking that at least I can give it a try without spending too much of money. The program provides a bunch of ready-to-use covers for e-books, software, CD, DVD, and business cards, and all of them are simply amazing and completely different. In addition, the step by step guide on how to use the templates and make the edits in the program is extremely easy to follow. I must mention that though I am not a DIY person, but I easily managed to create covers for CDs and DVDs, which appear very professional indeed. Thanks for providing such an amazing tool at such a friendly price.

10 Software Cover Designs Package

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You are only one click away from your own software design.
By clicking on the order button, you will proceed to our payment page and one step closer to save lot of money by creating your software design in the way you want it to be.

Click on the button below to get this wonderful software design package.


Note: This method works only on Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS6 & Photoshop CC (Cloud).
And not on any other version of Photoshop.

Order This Software Designs Package

After the payment process, press on "Return to Merchant" link on your PayPal page then you will be transferred to our product download page. You will also get an email to your paypal email with the download and purchase information.



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