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All In One - The Best Deal For You.

Become a designer yourself by learning techniques to design ebook, software, CD, DVD and cards.

Are you tired spending so much money and time on each Ecover design you need? We have the solution for you can make it yourself! Let us show you how.

Looking to save money with a good package for designing all of these Ecover products of yours? We have the right deal and the right package for people like you.

You should know that we offer cool packages for all of the products mentioned above and each one of them separately cost $15. Now it adds up to $75 if you go on to purchase each one of the 5 packages separately. Here is a very good deal we have offer to you. You can get all the 5 packages together in one mega package for just $30 instead of $75. What does this mega package has to offer? It is just the combination of all the five packages we provide, and that is the 10 ebook layouts, 10 CD layouts, 10 DVD layouts, 10 software layouts and 15 layouts for the membership/business cards. Instead of paying $50 to all the 5 packages separately you need to just pay $30 for this package that includes all the 5 Ecover packages. Surprised? It is the cheapest and the best way to create Ecovers by yourself.

Ecover Layouts
*The picture above will show you all the layouts you will get with this package:

Why hire a professional and pay him so much, when designing can be done easily by yourself with a little help of our package. It is way simple than people think. You just need to have a clear picture in your mind to how your Ecover design should look and then with the help of our excellent layouts and features of Photoshop you can create it all by yourself. Sounds easy? Doing it is also as easy as it sounds. In this special package you will get PSD and JPEG files for each of the layouts in the five different packages which you can easily modify. We also offer a special PSD file which each of the five packages provide where you can edit the 10 or 15 layouts together. These special PSD's will be present in this package too.

Thinking about how to edit the PSD format files in Photoshop? The steps are very straightforward and will hardly take you few minutes. You just need to be acquainted with the basic ideas on how to work with Photoshop. No need to be a master of it. There is no relationship of graphic designing with our method of designing these products. If you are clueless about the working of Photoshop, we are here to guide you. Just watch the video presented to you below and you will get a clear view of what our layouts and package is all about. Every step required to design your product is mentioned clearly in this video. Watch the clipping and read ahead.

In this video you can see what we offer on this package

Seems very simple, isn't it? This is something that professional designers charge high rates for. You will be saving a great deal of cash with our package which you can invest somewhere else. Each packages come at a very cheap rate, and to add to that you get 5 packages in 1 package, which saves you an additional $20. Why would anyone want to back out from this lucrative offer?


We are offering as a bonus to each one of the 5 packages ALL-THE-LAYOUTS PSD:
You will get a PSD file that contains all the layouts that on each one of the 5 packages on one PSD.
For Example: you will get on the ebook package ALL-THE-EBOOKS PSD, the PSD will contain all the 10 ebook layouts that on the ebook package. You will get ALL-THE-LAYOUTS PSD for each one of the other packages software, CD, DVD and cards. With that PSD you will be able to edit all the layout on the package within just few minutes all you would need to do is to edit one of the layers and it would change all the layout that on the PSD.

What will you get in this package? And why you should purchase it?

You might have the fear of loosing your money and not getting what you desired. You can trust us blindly because we give you 30 days money back guarantee with our product. If our package is not satisfactory you could contact us and if we can't help and make you satisfied with it we will return you your money back within 30 days from the date of purchase. Thus you do not need to think twice before investing your money on our package as you have this assurance that your money won't get wasted. We are confident about the functioning and capability of our product and we know that it would not dissatisfy your needs.

Money Back Guarantee
30-Days Money Back Guarantee

We are 100% sure that you will be satisfied with our product. But, if for some reason you're not totally thrilled with it, for whatever reason at all just contact us, on the "Contact" page and if we can't solve your problem you will get a full refund.

You must have made up your mind by now whether to go for this superb package where all the five packages are available together at very cheap rate. You are just a few clicks away from enjoying the use of this splendid package.
You can create your Ecovers in speed of light, and designs that just can't be beaten at a price so affordable that just about anyone can take advantage of the profits that awaits. No matter what products or services you sell or give away, you will have a higher successful rate if your customer can see it and understand your idea from its design. We are offering you 300% more sale for your Ecover products with our ALL-IN-ONE Ecover designs package.

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  • Suhail Ajmal

    "It's So Simple And Easy To Use!"

    First off, I was amazed with the variety of ebook cover designs they are providing. These ebook layouts are exceptionally captivating plus they also offer PSD and JPEG formats for each one of them. All ten designs are completely different and unique in every aspect and look utterly interesting. Besides, I was totally impressed by the easy and convenient access of this package. With the help of PDF tutorial provided, I was able to design my own 3D ebook cover in just a few minutes. Wow this is simply fabulous!
    The PDF tutorial gave me easy to follow step by step instructions for creating my own design and you won't believe within 5 minutes I was ready with my work. This is so unbelievable. I'm sure, it'll also be an extremely beneficial package for you due its user-friendliness. I've no experience in Photoshop but I was able to edit the ebooks as I wanted. I couldn't ask more in such an affordable price; the features are truly worthwhile. I truly recommend this to novices and professionals alike.

  • Jonathan Chase

    "Saved Me A Lot Of Money"

    I just have to tell you, I love those covers. I've been writing and giving away free reports as a way of selling new info products for years now, and the one problem I always face is, coming up with professionally designed covers. Using a professional cost a lot so and it's hard to afford one. I have used many ebook cover creators over the years and they don't touch yours. Every cover I've created using your ebook package looks awesome!
    I was able to save a lot of money and time using your product I am not photoshop expert but it was only few simple steps i had to do to get my ebook cover design ready to use. It was only because of a compliment that I recently got on my latest product that spurred me to tell you how much I love your site. Thanks for the exceptional service.

  • Richa Parasrmpria

    "Very Professional Product"

    I had no experience with graphic designing at all, and was not willing to pay the professional designers their exorbitant fees, so I purchased this all-in-one package thinking that at least I can give it a try without spending too much of money. The program provides a bunch of ready-to-use covers for e-books, software, CD, DVD, and business cards, and all of them are simply amazing and completely different. In addition, the step by step guide on how to use the templates and make the edits in the program is extremely easy to follow. I must mention that though I am not a DIY person, but I easily managed to create covers for CDs and DVDs, which appear very professional indeed. Thanks for providing such an amazing tool at such a friendly price.

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Note: This method works only on Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS6 & Photoshop CC (Cloud).
And not on any other Photoshop version.

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Admin said:
Have a question about our all-in-one package?
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Posted on: May 26th, 2011.
Michael said:
Does this really not work on CS6 or have you just not updated the site since CS6 came out?
Posted on: August 23th, 2012.
Admin said:
Hey Michael we didn't have the chance to test the product on CS6 yet but after your comment the product was tested on Photoshop CS6 as well and it works well in there.
Posted on: August 24th, 2012.
Alan said:

The product is a great idea, I thought it will be a pain in the ass to non photoshop user but after giving it a try i am happy with the outcome.
Thanks for supplying this software it would save me some pain in the future of pain my designer each time and wait few days to get the outcome.
Posted on: November 13th, 2012.
Jerry Leventer said:
I don't have photoshop installed on my computer and photoshop license cost about $200. Is there other way to use your software without the use of photoshop?
Posted on: January 03th, 2013.
Admin said:
Hey Jerry, unfortunately to use this product you must have photoshop install on your computer and without photoshop it won't work for you.
If you don't want to buy photoshop license you can download photoshop for 30 days trail from adobe software on the link below:
Posted on: January 04th, 2013.


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