Term Of Use

For use of tutorials and designs obtained in course of such tutorials from desigebookcover.com, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

1) Offer and Acceptance - Designbookcover.com offers to provide tutorials and guidance for learning designing covers for eBooks, software, CD, DVD, cards, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth hereunder. Acceptance of this offer is expressly limited to terms and conditions laid down below. You may not offer any additional terms and conditions as a buyer including those included in the purchase order of the buyer unless we explicitly agree to such terms in writing.

2) Price and Release of Tutorial Package - "Design Ebook Cover" reserves the right to renegotiate price of all products.

3) Title and Delivery - Our tutorial packages sold will be for sole use by the buyer and no resell rights are attached to the product.Please take note of the facts that

  • The product is for your personal use only and no redistribution is allowed;
  • You are not allowed to post the source files or anything that comes with this product anywhere on the web;
  • You do not have resale rights to this products;
  • You are not allowed to send or give this product to anyone other than yourself;
  • You will not provide source files of the product to your colleagues;
  • You will not publish the tutorial package anywhere;
  • Any unauthorized copying, downloading, re-transmission or other way misuse of the product or copying or modification of the trademark or contents here would be a violation of federal common law trademark and common copyright laws and subject the copier to legal action;
  • When you purchase our product it gives you right of self use to your complete satisfaction without any right of transfer or resell.

4) Custom Products Specification - When a buyer orders for custom designs; such buyer is required to specify clearly their requirements and the followings.

  • Buyer must describe in clear and unambiguous terms what he or she is looking for;
  • Color scheme that will be generated in design cover;
  • Text to be included in the design;
  • Graphics and logos desires;
  • Choose the cover from the pictures provided and specify the location on the cover where they want it to be placed;

5) Commit to replacement - In extremely unlikely case of the buyer getting the wrong product by mistake, the responsibility of "Design Ebook Cover" is confined to replacement of the product. However, it would be responsibility of the buyer not to use in any manner the faulty product or part delivered to them by mistake and such use will be considered as unauthorized use of the product purchased by them.

6) Use of Free Covers Downloaded from Our Site - Users downloading our free covers from our site will not transfer them or sell them or use them in any manner not specifically permitted by "Design Ebook Cover", the users who using the the free materials will be obliged to leave "Design Ebook Cover" water mark on the material.

7) Intellectual Property Indemnification - Subject to the terms and conditions laid down herein "Design Ebook Cover" will be responsible for validity of license of use issued to the buyer and at the same time the buyer will be obliged to protect the rights and interests of "Design Ebook Cover" under the Copyright and other legal provision.

8) Obligations - "Design Ebook Cover" shall have no liability for any costs, losses, or damages resulting from the willful acts of the buyer or any settlement or compromise incurred or made by the buyer without its prior written consent.

9) Not be responsible for - "Design Ebook Cover" shall not be responsible for the acts of the buyer including

  • Use of the product in combination with other products;
  • His or her use of the product in manufacturing of other products or processes;
  • Modifications made to the original product delivered by us;
  • Any problems resulting from our complying with the custom designs suggested by the buyer;
  • Implementation of any industry or proprietary standards used by the buyer without our prior written consent;
  • Any other action which has not been part of the agreement between us and the buyer.

10) Intellectual Property Infringement Clause - The foregoing states the sole liability of the parties for intellectual property rights infringement and is in lieu of all warranties, express, implied, or statutory, in regard thereto. Buyer understands and agrees that the foregoing intellectual property indemnification terms are essential elements of this contract, and that in absence of such terms, the material and economic terms of this contract would be substantially different.

11) Specific limitations - In no events designbookcover.com shall aggregate liability from any warranty, indemnity, or other obligation arising out of or in connection with this contract or any use of any of our products provided hereunder, exceed the total amount paid to designbookcover.com for the particular units sold under this contract with respect to which losses or damages are claimed.

12) Buyer understands and agrees - that the foregoing liability limitations are essential elements of this contract and that in the absence of such limitations the material and economic terms of this contract would be substantially different.

13) 30-Days Money Back Guarantee - If you won't be satisfied with our product and if we can't solve your problem and make you satisfied with it you will get a full refund.